Top 3 reasons for renters to turn property buyers

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Top 3 reasons for renters to turn property buyers

  Thu Jan 05, 2017 14:39        India, Real Estate

The real estate industry received 2 big-bang stimulus this New Year. Flush with low cost deposits, banks like SBI, Union Bank of India, PNB and IDBI have reduced home-loan lending rates by as much as 90 basis points. Two, PM Modi, on 31st December, announced the decision to provide interest subvention of 3% and 4% for loans of up to Rs 12 lakh and Rs 9 lakh respectively under Prime Minister Awas Yojana (PMAY).

Here's a simulated impact that each of these stimuli would deliver to a home-buyer:

The reduction in home loan lending rates translates into a 6% reduction in the EMI of a home-seeker. Bear in mind that interest rates have steadily fallen over the last several quarters, and are expected to fall further as we go along. The PMAY scheme offers home loans at an effective interest rate of ~5%. Assuming a 80% loan component, buyers purchasing a Rs 9 lakh worth home would face an EMI of just Rs 4,752 per month and those buying a 12 lakh home would face an EMI of Rs 6,336. Effectively, for a lot of such home-seekers, the EMI would probably be lower to their current rental outflow and therefore make for a compelling reason to buy vs renting a home.

Lets take a deeper-dive and evaluate areas where these measures would have a more profound impact.

1. Localities with high-rental yields 

Our Buy vs Rent Calculator suggests that when spread between Rental Yield and EMI reduces to ~2.0%, the choice between Buying vs Renting increasingly favours Buying instead of Renting. Of course, there are multiple variables that influence a 'buy vs rent' decision, but a high rental yield and a low-interest rate environment are two important variables here. There are several localities where Rental Yields are in excess of 4%. With home loan interest rates softening, localities with high rental yields are likely to see more buying interest as buyers would seek to purchase rather than rent out a property. To add more context, the years 2006-08, when interest rates were as low as 7.75% also saw buying activity peak. A sample list of localities with high-rental yields are given below.

2. Upcoming localities with a high spread of affordable homes

The PMAY scheme, with an effective interest rate of ~5%, makes for a very compelling case to buy a home vs renting one. For Urban areas, the challenge in this segment is that localities which offer homes in this budget are often located outside city limits with limited transport connectivity. However, some state governmentshave taken initiative to make such homes available within municipal areas as well. Expect more activity in such pockets which have homes where the PMAY benefit could be availed. Again, a sample list of such localities is listed below.

*Analysis done for 500-650 sqft flats with adequate volume of properties for sale and rent across peripheral localities mentioned above

3. Localities which are at the intersection of falling prices and higher rental yields

My earlier post had pointed to a fall in properties prices at a pan-India level, post demonetisation, by 4%. Now this fall in prices, taken together with an EMI saving of ~6%, has led to a ready-made bouquet of anything between 8-12% effective discounts for home buyers over prevailing prices. Now combine this with localities which enjoy a rental yield >4% as shown in the table above. Even an unsophisticated buyer would begin to see an improved investment logic for buying in such localities; expect far more activity levels in these localities.

In conclusion

The real estate market has not yet turned the corner. We're still a while away from it. But there's no doubt that these stimuli that would help build confidence and improve sentiment gradually.

Buyers who had deferred purchases, and those who were shy of purchasing due to high property prices, would be well-advised to initiate their research activity. Like I'd mentioned earlier, it is a buyers' market now, and this market has become a tad-sweeter due to these stimuli that's now thrown in. The Govt and Banks have taken the initiative here. At Magicbricks, we're following this up with a big event scheduled later this month that is being jointly organised along with State Bank of India. This event is based on 3 key propositions (a) SBI-approved Projects (b) A 36-month moratorium on EMI payments for homes bought during this festival and (c) a large selection of deals and offers from dozens of developers.

Sellers should also feel encouraged with these stimuli. Like the PMAY scheme, if Builders could consider throwing in a limited period 2-4% interest subvention, the case to buy a house vs renting, even in mid/high-segment homes would become so much more compelling. Underlying latent demand for real-estate continues to remain high and the seller should think of ways to improve buyers' confidence and the value proposition to buy a home at this point in time.

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