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Why are Exproof Cameras Important For Oil & Gas Industry?  -   #1001306

Posted on:   10/07/2018 09:07

Oil and gas industry is the most hazardous and risk-prone industry. Fire and explosions are the most common cause of injuries on land rigs. Every year more numbers of accidents and injuries happen in... more

Here are the Reasons to Use Forklift Camera in Storehouse  -   #1001303

Posted on:   04/07/2018 11:07

Forklift causes serious injuries and its increases day by day at the workplace. Operators life is in danger and it is your duty to stop such injuries and accidents in your storehouse. Our SharpEagle... more

Keep an Eye on your Site 24*7 with Explosion-Proof Camera   -   #1001298

Posted on:   27/06/2018 11:06

The ex-proof CCTV camera and explosion proof digital camera is the best invention for the hazardous area where the explosion happens every day. ShareEagle Technologies also offers you an exclusive... more

Get Wireless Forklift Camera at the Best Price  -   #1001291

Posted on:   19/06/2018 10:06

Forklift causes more serious injuries at the workplace while moving the goods. The question is how can you stop such injuries? SharpEagle provides you the best wireless forklift camera system with... more

Reason for Using an Explosion Proof Digital Camera  -   #1001289

Posted on:   12/06/2018 11:06

Explosion proof cameras are designed to operate in hazardous or explosive environments including pharmaceutical and chemical plants, oil refineries, petrol stations, grain stores or other dusty... more